Postseason Day 8

Playoff Bracket – Finals 2Playoff Detail – Finals 2
Travis Kruger won the championship due to @j_kush letting all 3 games expire.  The 3rd place series was split 1-1 and will be decided tomorrow in the last game of season 2.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Complete
In an UNBELIEVABLE finish, Mike Halliday defeated Kathy Mancini by 0.05 seconds to win the Season 2 Consolation Tournament!  Congrats to both players!

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – CompleteAL Tier 3 – Complete
The NL had a 4-way tie at the top, but Greg Holcombe took the win on total time.  David Takeuchi won the AL title by 1 question.

Postseason Day 7

Playoff Bracket – FinalsPlayoff Detail – Finals
Travis Kruger advanced to the championship on an expired game from Jonathan Carrillo, and he will face @j_kush in a best of 5 for the Trivia Crack Cup.  Jonathan Carrillo and John Fitter will play each other for 3rd place.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 7
James LaBar was eliminated, and the final two are Mike Halliday and Kathy Mancini.  Kathy won the Tier 3 Challenge in season 1.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 7AL Tier 3 – Round 7
There was some movement at the top of both leaderboards, and the last round will be exciting.  In the NL, there is a 3-way tie between Greg Holcombe, @andy.wetmore, and Lawrence Sullivan.  If the tie remains after the final round, the tiebreaker is overall time, which will be the order listed above.  In the AL, there is a tie between David Takeuchi and Dorian Cerneka, with David having a large advantage in time.

Postseason Day 6

Playoff Bracket – Semifinals 2Playoff Detail – Semifinals 2
@j_kush advanced to the championship series from the NL, while Travis Kruger and Jonathan Carrillo split the first 2 and will play a game 3 for the AL title.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 6
@gamecrazy1 was eliminated and 3 players remain.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 6AL Tier 3 – Round 6
Lawrence Sullivan extended his lead in the NL and is now up by 2 questions.  Dorian Cerneka maintained his 1 question lead in the AL.

Postseason Day 5

Playoff Bracket – SemifinalsPlayoff Detail – Semifinals
Travis Kruger won Game 3 to advance, and he will face Jonathan Carrillo in the Semifinals.  John Fitter will go against @j_kush on the NL side of the bracket.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 5
Allen Witkowski and @stonehose were the bottom 2, and the final 4 remaining are Kathy Mancini, @gamecrazy1, James LaBar, and Mike Halliday.  The bottom player will be eliminated in each of the next 3 games to decide the champion.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 5AL Tier 3 – Round 5
Lawrence Sullivan overtook Greg Holcombe in the NL, and Dorian Cerneka maintained his lead in the AL.  Both have slim 1-question leads with 3 rounds to play.

Postseason Day 4

Playoff Bracket – Quarterfinals 2Playoff Detail – Quarterfinals 2
Three of the quarterfinal matchups resulted in 2-0 sweeps, as John Fitter, @j_kush, and Jonathan Carrillo advanced to the semifinals.  Travis Kruger and Guillermo Garcia will play a Game 3 for the 4th semifinal spot.  Both #1 seeds have now been eliminated.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 4
Eric Patel, Melinda Wharton, and Jim Bizzell were eliminated to leave 6 players alive.  Jim Bizzell won this tournament in season 1 and was looking strong to defend his championship, but he missed the round.  2 more will be eliminated tomorrow.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 4AL Tier 3 – Round 4
At the halfway point, Greg Holcombe and Dorian Cerneka both have 1-question leads in their respective leagues.

Postseason Day 3

Playoff Bracket – QuarterfinalsPlayoff Detail – Quarterfinals
The quarterfinals are set, with several upsets occurring in the divisional round.  In the NL, the remaining seeds are 1, 3, 5, and 7, and in the AL, the 2, 4, 6, and 9 seeds advanced.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 3
@ericinanoka, Douglas Goodman, and @dfrisco82 are out.  9 players remain, and 3 more will be eliminated tomorrow.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 3AL Tier 3 – Round 3
Greg Holcombe has opened up a 2-question lead in the NL, while 3 players remain perfect in the AL.  Michael G Beaulieu has a significant advantage in time over the other 2.

Postseason Day 2

Playoff Bracket – Divisional 2Playoff Detail – Divisional 2
5 of the 8 matchups were decided by a 2-0 score, including upsets over a 1, 2, and 3 seed.  AL #1 seed @circusjohnson unfortunately missed the 2 games, allowing an upset by Wild Card @binkyblue.  Game 3’s for the remaining 3 matchups will be today.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 2
Alex Jeffrey, Pat Cawiezell, and Matthew Gorter were the next 3 to go out.  There are now 12 players left, and 3 more will be eliminated tomorrow.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 2AL Tier 3 – Round 2
All 7 players that got 12s in Round 1 stayed perfect in Round 2 on a slightly easier set of questions.  Several others got 12s to keep it close.

Postseason Day 1

Playoff Bracket – DivisionalPlayoff Detail – Divisional
In the Wild Card games, both 7 seeds and both 9 seeds won, as @jonmatte, Jason Umfleet, @murrman.362, and @binkyblue advanced to face the top seeds.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 1
@sweetface88, @jozehowski, and Richard Hansen were the first players eliminated.  Tomorrow’s round has 15 players, and 3 more will be eliminated.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 1AL Tier 3 – Round 1
There was a surprising number of missed games (6).  In this format, missing a game basically gives you no chance to win, so that’s a little disappointing.  There were a total of 7 12’s between the 2 games, and those players have put themselves in the driver’s seat, but there’s a long way to go.

Postseason Kickoff

The first postseason invites were sent tonight.  See the schedule here: Postseason Schedule

Playoff Bracket – Start

As a reminder, there are 3 levels of postseason play.  The Playoffs include 20 players in a 1-on-1 bracket format and will determine the overall TCL champion.  The Wild Card is a single game, the next 3 rounds and the 3rd place matchup are best of 3, and the championship is best of 5.  The winner will receive the Trivia Crack Cup.

The Consolation Tournament starts with 18 players (9 from each league), and the bottom X number of players is eliminated each round until 1 player is left standing.  The number of players per round are as follows: 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2.

The remaining 29 players in each league will play an 8-round challenge which will be scored by aggregate questions correct.  Think of it as one large 96-question challenge, so the player with the most questions correct wins (with time as the tiebreaker).  Rankings in the individual rounds don’t mean anything.

Unlike Season 1, I will not be doing a daily game for players that have been eliminated.  It just got to be too much to track, and it didn’t really have a point – there are other daily games most of you play in anyway.  If anyone really misses it, let me know and I’ll consider bringing it back if there’s a demand.

See below for the players that will participate in each level of the postseason.

Playoff Seeds:
1. Jesse Andreozzi (373)
2. Ian Struiksma (305)
3. @j_kush (304)
4. Dante Dunn (271)
5. John Fitter (244)
6. Mark Michel (217)
7. @jonmatte (273)
8. Elizabeth Ciccone (247)
9. Jason Umfleet (241)
10. @murphypepper (239)

Consolation Tournament:
1. Pat Cawiezell (228)
2. Mike Halliday (222)
3. Eric Patel (219)
4. James LaBar (218)
5. @gamecrazy1 (217)
6. Jim Bizzell (216)
7. Douglas Goodman (208)
8. Richard Hansen (203)
9. Alex Jeffrey (196)

Regular Season Awards:
Accuracy Award: Jesse Andreozzi (188/192, 97.92%)
Speed Award: Alex Jeffrey (31.69 seconds/game)

Playoff Seeds
1. @circusjohnson (351)
2. Travis Kruger (296)
3. Sam Frink (286)
4. Jonathan Carrillo (277)
5. David Heffern (264)
6. Guillermo Garcia (246)
7. @murrman.362 (275)
8. Brian D Moore (255)
9. @binkyblue (251)
10. Dante Golio (242)

Consolation Tournament:
1. Melinda Wharton (239)
2. Matthew Gorter (238)
3. @sweetface88 (238)
4. Kathy Mancini (232)
5. @stonehose (223)
6. Allen Witkowski (216)
7. @ericinanoka (209)
8. @jozehowski (205)
9. @dfrisco82 (202)

Regular Season Awards:
Accuracy Award: @circusjohnson (188/192, 97.92%)
Speed Award: Brian D Moore (32.83 seconds/game)