Postseason Final – Season 1 Summary

Season 1 of the Trivia Crack League is in the books, and I want to thank everyone that participated!  I hope you enjoyed it and want to come back for more.


Playoff Bracket – CompletePlayoff Detail – Complete
Tracy Coleman won a close Game 4 to win the inaugural Trivia Crack Cup, 3 games to 1 over @j_kush.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Complete
Jim Bizzell defeated @bambam70 to win the Consolation Tournament.

Season 2 Preview:
We’ll be expanding significantly for Season 2.  I’m still finalizing the roster, and I’m looking for a few more players to make the divisions even.  I anticipate starting within a few days.  I’ll be changing a few things up, but the basic ideas will be the same.  I’m also open to suggestions for structure/scoring/etc.  If you have a good idea, please share it!

Postseason Day 6

Playoff Bracket – Finals 2Playoff Detail – Finals 2
Tracy Coleman won 2 of 3 over @j_kush in the best of 5 championship series, so @j_kush will need to win 2 in a row.  Game 4 is today, and Game 5 will be tomorrow if necessary.  Jesse Andreozzi beat Dante Dunn 2 games to 0 to take 3rd place.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 6
Travis Kruger was eliminated in a tightly contested round, and the final comes down to @bambam70 and Jim Bizzell.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 6
In a relatively easy round, half of the players got all 12 questions correct.  Kathy Mancini wins the Tier 3 Challenge with 69/72 questions correct, and @bkjohnson14 is the runner-up with 68.

Eliminated Players:
Eliminated Players – Round 5

Postseason Day 5

The Finals start today with Games 1, 2, & 3.  Tracy Coleman and @j_kush will face each other for the championship, while Jesse Andreozzi and Dante Dunn compete for 3rd place.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 5
The fickle nature of this format was on full display as Jason Umfleet was eliminated to reduce the field the 3 players.  Umfleet had won 3 of the 4 previous rounds and would probably still have a lead in most tournaments, but he’s now out after a very good 11/37 round.  Unfortunately, the other 3 players were a little better.  1 more player will be eliminated tomorrow, which will set up the final 1-on-1 showdown in Round 7.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 5
Kathy Mancini has taken the lead with 1 round to go.  If she gets a 12, she’ll clinch 1st place.  @bkjohnson14 is 1 question back with a faster time, while David Takeuchi, Hideki Kinoshita, and Tammy Lambdin are 2 questions behind.

Eliminated Players:
Eliminated Players – Round 4

Postseason Day 4

Playoff Bracket – FinalsPlayoff Detail – Finals
Tracy Coleman and @j_kush both advanced to the Finals on Day 1, beating their respective opponents 2 games to 0.  Jesse Andreozzi’s Cinderella run as the #5 seed comes to an end, and he will face Dante Dunn in the best of 3 3rd-place game.  There won’t be any playoff games today, since the schedule allowed for Game 3’s for the semifinals.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 4
Sam Frink and @andy.wetmore were eliminated, and 4 players now remain – Jason Umfleet, Travis Kruger, @bambam70, and Jim Bizzell.  There will be 3 more rounds, with 1 player eliminated each day.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 4
@bkjohnson14 and Kathy Mancini are in the lead with 45 correct, but @bkjohnson14 has a 22 second advantage.  5 players are tied at 43 correct, with 3 of them having a faster overall time than @bkjohnson14.  There are 2 rounds left.

Eliminated Players:
Eliminated Players – Round 3

Postseason Day 3

Playoff Bracket – SemifinalsPlayoff Detail – Semifinals
In the Primary Conference, #5 seed Jesse Andreozzi upset #1 seed @circusjohnson to advance.  Both players got all 12 right, but Andreozzi was about 2 seconds faster.  He will face #2 seed Tracy Coleman, who advanced when Jonathan Carrillo let Game 3 expire.  In the Secondary Conference, #1 seed @j_kush avoided the upset by @jonmatte, and he will go up against #3 seed Dante Dunn, who advanced yesterday.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 3
The players eliminated in Round 3 were Eric Patel, Pat Cawiezell, and Tom Coffee.  We’re now down to 6 players, and 2 will be eliminated in the next round.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 3
Dan Hyde had an off game to drop out of 1st place.  @bkjohnson14 is now in 1st with 34 correct, but Tammy Lambdin and Kathy Mancini are only a question behind.  3 more players are 2 questions behind, and each has a slightly faster time than @bkjohnson14 so far.

Eliminated Players:
Eliminated Players – Round 2

Postseason Day 2

Playoff Bracket – Quarterfinals 2Playoff Detail – Quarterfinals 2
Dante Dunn defeated @cland44, 2 games to 0, and the other 3 matchups were all split.  So, we have 3 Game 3’s today to decide the remaining semifinalists.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 2
Ian Struiksma, James LaBar, and Matthew Gorter were eliminated, and we’re down to 9 players.  3 more players will be eliminated after Round 3.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 2
Dan Hyde is still in the lead, but 5 others have the same number of correct questions.  He has a nearly 6 second lead over 2nd place right now.

Eliminated Players:
Eliminated Players – Round 1
These are the players that have been eliminated from the Playoffs and the Consolation Tournament.  These games don’t mean anything except pride, but I’ll track them anyway for anyone who wants to follow along.

Postseason Day 1

Playoff Bracket – QuarterfinalsPlayoff Detail – Quarterfinals
In the Wild Card games, Jesse Andreozzi defeated @binkyblue, and @jonmatte defeated Douglas Goodman.  Games 1 & 2 of the quarterfinals are today.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 1
The first players to be eliminated were @sweetface88, @murphypepper, and David Heffern.  Today’s Round 2 will include the remaining 12, and again the bottom 3 will be eliminated.

Tier 3 Challenge:
Tier 3 – Round 1
Dan Hyde has an early lead with a fast 11, but 5 other players also got 11.  There’s a long way to go, and with this format, every question is important.

Round 12

Round 12 Standings

For the stat junkies: 2nd Half Detailed Results

Playoff Bracket: Playoff Bracket – Start

The regular season is over.  The last 2 playoff spots that were up for grabs went to @binkyblue and Jesse Andreozzi.  Jesse Andreozzi got a win in Round 12 to overtake Jim Bizzell, who took a zero for the round.

The Consolation Tournament, which features the next 15 players, had a cutoff at 115 points, so James LaBar and Tom Coffee, who got his first win in Round 12, were the last ones in.  Richard Hansen and Lawrence Sullivan barely missed with 113 points each.

The 3 regular season awards are as follows:
Regular Season Champion: @circusjohnson (209 Points)
Accuracy Award: @circusjohnson (142/144, 98.61%)
Speed Award: Alex Jeffrey (34.30 seconds/game)

The postseason schedule is here: Postseason Schedule

As a reminder, there are 3 levels of postseason play.  The Playoffs include 10 players in a 1-on-1 bracket format and will determine the overall champion.  The Wild Card is a single game, the next 2 rounds and the 3rd place matchup are best of 3, and the championship is best of 5.  The winner will receive the (figurative) inaugural Trivia Crack Cup.

The Consolation Tournament starts with 15 players, and the bottom X number of players is eliminated each round until 1 player is left standing.  The number of players per round are as follows: 15, 12, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2.  The players highlighted in blue in the above standings will be participating in this tournament.

The remaining 28 players will play a 6-round challenge which will be scored by aggregate questions correct.  Think of it as one large 72-question challenge, so the player with the most questions correct wins (with time as the tiebreaker).  Rankings in the individual rounds don’t mean anything.

In an effort to keep everyone playing without a long break, players that are eliminated from the playoffs and the consolation tournament will play in an optional, non-scored daily game per the schedule.

Round 11

Round 11 Standings

9 out of the 10 playoff spots have been clinched, but it’s a tight competition for the consolation tournament, which will consist of the next 15 players.

All 6 division winners have been decided, although Round 12 could affect the seeding in a couple of cases.  The division champs are Jonathan Carrillo, @circusjohnson, Tracy Coleman, @cland44, @j_kush, and Dante Dunn.  The wild cards in the Secondary conference will be Douglas Goodman and @jonmatte.  In the Primary conference, 4 players are still in the hunt for the 2 wild card spots.  @binkyblue (154) and Jim Bizzell (150) are in the lead, with Jesse Andreozzi (147) and Sam Frink (143) right behind.  A win in the final round is worth 11 points, while 2nd is 8, 3rd is 7, and so on.

For the consolation tournament, the cutoff right now is behind Lawrence Sullivan and James LaBar, who each have 108 points.  Right behind them are Dante Golio (107), Richard Hansen (105), Hideki Kinoshita (105), and Tom Coffee (104).  6 more players have between 97 and 100, although they would basically need a win in Round 12 to have a chance.

Round 10

Round 10 Standings

First, I have an important announcement.  Cherokee Rose has been removed from the league due to repeated suspicious behavior.  She was known by others in the league as a cheater before the league started, but I had no prior knowledge when I invited her.  I decided to give her a chance, but her pattern of scores and missing several games raised eyebrows.  It culminated with her changing her ID today to “Janice Does, @deleted2016”, which was enough for me to get rid of her.  I’ve gone back and adjusted all scores for games she played in to reflect what would have happened if she weren’t there.  It didn’t change the standings much, except for the few players who now have an extra win.

After some impressive performances, we have some tight races going into the final 2 rounds.  Round 11 is a 27-person game, and Round 12 is only a 9-person divisional game, so any big moves will have to come now.

In the Primary Conference, Tracy Coleman and @circusjohnson have basically locked up the top 2 seeds.  The #3 seed is up for grabs, as Jonathan Carrillo overtook Travis Kruger for the Blue division lead by 2 points.  @murphypepper and @sweetface88 are still within striking distance as well.  The wild card spots are still held by Sam Frink and @binkyblue.  Jim Bizzell and Jesse Andreozzi aren’t that far behind, but it will take a low finish by one of the other two for one of them to catch up.

The Secondary Conference also has a pretty clear playoff picture.  @j_kush, @cland44, and Dante Dunn are the divisional leaders, and they are each leading by at least 14 points.  Douglas Goodman has a sizable lead for the first wild card spot, but the second is a wide open race.  Eric Patel, @jonmatte, Jason Umfleet, Pat Cawiezell, and Lawrence Sullivan are all within 14 points of each other, and there are a few more players right behind that group.  A really strong performance in Round 11 by one of these players could put them in a really good position to make the playoffs.