Postseason Final – Season 3 Summary

Season 3 is now complete.  Thanks to everyone who participated.


Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Complete
In a tough final round, both @sweetface88 and @bkjohnson14 got 8 questions right, but @sweetface88 won by about 6 seconds to win the consolation tournament.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – CompleteAL Tier 3 – Complete
Guillermo Garcia finished off the NL challenge with a 3rd win in the final round.  @gamecrazy1 and @ericinanoka each got 11 questions correct in the AL’s final round, which means @gamecrazy1 takes home the title with an 88 second advantage.

Season 4 Preview:
There will be at least a week-long break before Season 4, as I’m going out to sea for my Navy Reserve duty this week.  Most likely, it will be even longer, since I’m preparing for an important professional exam on June 5th, and I really should be focused on that in the evenings.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.  If you don’t want to continue playing, just let me know.