Postseason Day 7

Playoff Bracket – CompletePlayoff Detail – Complete
@circusjohnson won the championship with a 3-1 series win, and Travis Kruger took 3rd place by winning Game 3.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 7
Megan Cosby was eliminated, so @bkjohnson14 and @sweetface88 will play for the consolation championship.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 7AL Tier 3 – Round 7
Guillermo Garcia’s lead is 5 questions with 1 round to play.  In the AL, @gamecrazy1 and @ericinanoka are tied for the lead, 3 ahead of anyone else.  @gamecrazy1 will win on time if they tie in the last round.