Postseason Day 4

Playoff Bracket – SemifinalsPlayoff Detail – Semifinals
All 4 quarterfinal matchups ended with 2-0 sweeps, with @circusjohnson, Jonathan Carrillo, Travis Kruger, and @jonmatte advancing.  Since no game 3’s were required, I decided to move up the rest of the playoff schedule by a day.

@circusjohnson has been a #1 seed in all 3 seasons of the TCL, but he was knocked out in the 1st round in the first 2.  Travis Kruger is the defending TCL champion and got 3rd in the season 1 consolation tournament.  @jonmatte has made the playoffs in all 3 seasons, but he was knocked out in the quarterfinals by @j_kush in the first 2.  Jonathan Carrillo has also made the playoffs in all 3 seasons, losing in the quarterfinals in season 1 and in the semifinals in season 2 to Travis Kruger.

Consolation Tournament:
Consolation – Round 4
Mike Halliday, Alex Jeffrey, and Mark Michel were eliminated, and there are now 6 players left.

Tier 3 Challenges:
NL Tier 3 – Round 4AL Tier 3 – Round 4
Guillermo Garcia extended his lead to 3 questions in the NL, and @gamecrazy1 maintained his 2-question lead in the AL.