Round 15

NL Round 15 Standings

AL Round 15 Standings

With only 1 round left, here’s how the divisions and wild cards stand.

National League:
All 6 divisions have been decided.  2 players are tied for the last wild card spot with 215 points, and they will be in the same game for Round 16.
1: @binkyblue has clinched the division.  Michael G Beaulieu is a likely wild card with 233 points.
2: @circusjohnson has continued to dominate his division.  Dante Golio is a likely wild card with 228 points, and @cland44 is tied for the last wild card spot with 215.
3: @murrman.362 has clinched the division.  Jonathan Carrillo has 241 points and needs only 4 more to clinch a wild card.
4: @j_kush has clinched the division.  @stonehose is tied for the last wild card spot with 215.  Pat Cawiezell (212) and Mark Michel (204) are within striking distance of a wild card.
5: Ian Struiksma has clinched the division.  Randy Meyer (208) and @bkjohnson14 (207) are within striking distance of a wild card.
6: Douglas Goodman has clinched the division.

American League:
The AL has a much more interesting final round, with 4 of the 6 divisions up for grabs.  The final wild card spot is at 224 points.
1: @jonmatte and Matthew Gorter have had a tight race for a while, and @jonmatte carries a 1 point lead into the final round.  The loser is guaranteed a wild card spot.  Mike Halliday is in the final wild card spot with 224 points, and @sweetface88 has an outside shot with 205.
2: Sam Frink still leads, but Brian D Moore is coming off a win that pulled him within 6 points.  The loser is guaranteed a wild card spot.
3: Jason Umfleet (218 points) vaulted from 4th to 1st with a 2nd-place finish, while John Fitter (209 points) dropped from 1st to 4th with a missed game.  Kathy Mancini (215) and @whatamaroon1 (212) are in between.  It will be difficult for the runner-up to catch Mike Halliday for the final wild card.
4: Elizabeth Ciccone has clinched the division.
5: Hideki Kinoshita (206 points) just overtook Alex Jeffrey (199 points) for the division lead, so it will come down to the final round.  It’s extremely unlikely for the loser to get a wild card.
6: Richard Hansen has clinched the division.  Travis Kruger has clinched a wild card.