Round 12

NL Round 12 Standings

AL Round 12 Standings

With only 4 rounds left, I’m going to do my first in-depth analysis of the season.  I hope you enjoy it!

National League:
1: @binkyblue has a solid lead, but Michael G Beaulieu is looking good for a wild card spot.
2: @circusjohnson has dominated the division, leading by 66 points, but Dante Golio is the #2 wild card spot at this point.
3: @murrman.362 and Jonathan Carrillo have gone back and forth for the lead, and whoever doesn’t win the division will likely be the top wild card.
4: @j_kush just took the lead back from @stonehose.  Mark Michel has 3 wins and is within striking distance.
5: Ian Struiksma has a big lead, despite being the only division leader without a win.  This is also the only division of 12 that has all 8 players over 100 points.
6: Douglas Goodman has a 19-point lead over David Heffern and will try to hold him off over the final 4 rounds.

American League:
1: Matthew Gorter and @jonmatte have gone back and forth for the lead.  The runner-up will likely be a wild card.  @sweetface88 and Mike Halliday are also within striking distance of a wild card spot.
2: Sam Frink and Brian D Moore are dominating the division, and the runner-up will probably be the top wild card.
3: This is the most balanced division, with 6 of the 8 players within 26 points of the lead.  7 of the 8 have gotten the divisional bonus points in a round, with nobody getting them more than 3 times.  @whatamaroon1 and John Fitter are tied for the lead, with Kathy Mancini only 3 points behind.  The 4th wild card spot will probably be this division’s runner-up.
4: Elizabeth Ciccone has a sizeable lead and probably won’t be caught.
5: Alex Jeffrey has a decent lead, but @mk.horan is close enough to make a move.
6: Richard Hansen has a good lead over defending champion Travis Kruger, who will likely get a wild card spot if he can’t catch Richard.